What are the materials of outdoor tables, chairs, rattan and chair furniture?

Outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture, as the name suggests, is outdoor table and chair rattan chair furniture used outdoors. Because it needs to be used outdoors for a long time, the requirements for anti-corrosion and sun protection of the material are particularly high. Traditional wood and metal cannot be used for outdoor furniture without treatment. The following are the materials generally used for outdoor tables, chairs, rattan chairs, furniture materials.

  • Imitation rattan, also known as PE rattan, is a kind of artificial rattan, the main material component is an improved polymer material, is a replacement for rattan furniture. It is brightly colored, beautiful, soft, comfortable and durable. The imitation rattan material can withstand destructive experiments from minus 30 degrees to minus 120 degrees, which is very suitable for outdoor wind and sun furniture, and a large number of exports abroad.

  • Teak is a large deciduous tree native to South Asia. Teak sold on the market is mainly from Myanmar, the market is commonly known as “Thai pomelo”, showing sapwood yellow-brown, reddish, and heartwood is obviously different, about 3 cm wide, heartwood light brown, long-term air is turned dark brown, wood is shiny, oily to the touch sexy, dimensional stability when used, corrosion resistance and ant resistance are strong, in the sea can resist marine drilling animal hazards, impregnation is not easy, acid resistance. Due to the excellent decay resistance and stability of wood, moderate processing strength and processing performance, tall and straight trunk, beautiful appearance and wide use of wood, teak is the world’s best and famous is also a good outdoor furniture material, widely used in outdoor tables and chairs, loungers, outdoor umbrellas, garden wood, yacht decks, etc.

  • Pineapple lattice, formerly known as KWILA, is a genus of legume indochina, generally known as pineapple lattice or Pacific ironwood in China. Produced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, wood is shiny, no special smell and taste, brown to dark reddish brown, usually with dark and light stripes, heartwood tube holes contain yellow deposits, staggered texture, uniform structure, wood to heaviness, air dry density 0.8-0.98/cm3, hardness, high strength. Good stability, strong corrosion resistance and ant resistance, dry shrinkage, no deformation.

  • Aolifen rope belt is environmentally friendly olifen woven rope belt as a new outdoor material, mainly widely used in outdoor tables and chairs, beach chairs, leisure sofas, pool loungers and other outdoor products, the products by SGS TUV and other testing institutions fully meet the latest EU REACH environmental protection standards. The product has: bright color, high tensile force, waterproof, oilproof, UV-proof, aging resistance, wear resistance, decay resistance, chemical resistance, non-toxic, long service life and other advantages.

  • Teslingbu is a special material introduced in recent years, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, UV resistance, rain resistance and aging resistance. In recent years, it has been widely used in outdoor products with very good performance. Outdoor tables, chairs, rattan chairs, furniture and swings made of teslingcloth and aluminum alloy are both light and beautiful, and are popular with consumers.

  • Aluminum alloy is mostly based on the national standard 6063 aluminum alloy material hollow tube, aluminum alloy material is soft, easy to process and form, the surface can effectively prevent oxidation after spraying treatment, will not rust. Outdoor tables, chairs, rattan and chair furniture aluminum alloy material mold is complete, the production process is mature, is one of the most selected outdoor furniture frame materials.