Can outdoor table and chair furniture be rainproof and waterproof?

Will the outdoor tables and chairs furniture placed in the yard and terrace get damp and moldy when it rains? Many people’s worries before buying outdoor furniture are that outdoor furniture accidentally encounters a rainy day, what should I do if the outdoor furniture placed in the yard and terrace rains? In response to these problems, everyone obviously has a lot of concerns. So this article tells you how the outdoor furniture produced by Hakier will be different in terms of rainproof and waterproof.

As we all know, ordinary furniture encounters rainy days, must quickly take back the indoor or cover well, if it happens that no one is at home, it will suffer, long-term rain will make the furniture cushion and cushion wet, poor quality is also easy to appear mold Outdoor furniture does not have this trouble, outdoor furniture cushion cushion using waterproof and breathable fabric, secondly, waterproof fabric can also prevent stain and mildew but waterproof fabric can not make the entire cushion waterproof, zipper, The needle eye will allow rainwater to penetrate into the interior, so outdoor furniture has higher requirements for the filling of the cushion cushion.

Outdoor furniture also takes this into account, so the cushion filling in outdoor furniture is made of fast-drying cotton, and fast-drying cotton has higher performance moisture and moisture resistance. Compared with ordinary sofa filling sponges, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water, restore dryness, even if accidentally wet by rain, it only needs to be dried in the sun for 2-3 hours, which will not affect the quality of outdoor furniture. Therefore, it is completely no problem to rain on outdoor furniture, and there is no need to worry at all. Therefore, outdoor furniture has always been loved by people.

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