How many years can imitation rattan outdoor furniture be used?

How many years can imitation rattan outdoor furniture generally have? Many customers will ask this question. Yes, as an industry question, it is really not easy for the average customer to understand, but they are eager to get an accurate answer. The service life is not only related to the cost of use, but also related to the business environment and the face of customers. So, what kind of rattan furniture is good? How many years can good rattan furniture last?

  • Good imitation rattan furniture adopts new PE imitation rattan material, the purchase channels are large manufacturers, as well as some imported rattan, and the product quality is guaranteed. UV sunscreen ingredients are added during the production process of rattan, and the service life is strictly tested, all of which ensure a 3,000-hour sun warranty.

  • A good rattan-like material can ensure 3,000 hours of outdoor use in the sun all day long. According to the areas with more sunshine in the south, it can be used for at least 3 years.

  • Even the best imitation rattan material needs a good frame. Iron frame materials are generally difficult for factories to do a good job of anti-rust treatment or even no treatment, and soon rust, and even the frame is loose and unusable. Rusty rust water can even contaminate the ground, bringing significant losses to customers; Therefore, good imitation rattan furniture is generally made of aluminum alloy materials, the material is mostly 6063 international standard aluminum, aluminum alloy materials will not rust, the surface can effectively prevent oxidation after electrostatic spraying, can ensure long-term use.

  • General consumers cannot judge good imitation rattan furniture, because even imitation rattan furniture made of inferior materials cannot be easily judged by the naked eye in the early stage of new use. Therefore, general consumers should try to choose big brands, check the reputation of manufacturers online, and understand the strength of producers before making decisions.

  • If it can be effectively elongated and will not break, it is generally regarded as a better quality rattan, that is, made of new PE materials; However, this result cannot determine whether the rattan has added UV ingredients, so it can only be part of the test, and in order to obtain accurate information, it needs to be submitted to a specialized agency for monitoring.