Outdoor rattan furniture “small but fine” brand road

Not long ago, China Tax News reported how hakier furniture created a “small but refined” brand of rattan furniture. In 1992, Changzhou Hakier furniture co.,ltd was established in Changzhou. It is precisely because of the geographical characteristics of the mountains and rivers here that it is in line with the positioning and usage scenarios of its products and meets the needs of users for high-quality traditional rattan furniture.

  • The rattan is a flame-retardant imitation rattan made of PVC composite material

  • The imitation rattan material has no problems of rot and moth, and is easy to clean

  • PVC rattan terms and colors vary with variety, and can accept private customization

“Don’t look at the design of these outdoor rattan furniture is so modern, you think that these products are made by machines, but in fact, our company is a traditional handicraft industry, and the products are woven by the masters by hand rattan one by one.” When Zhao Huawei, the person in charge of Hakier Outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd., introduced his products, he showed his love and adherence to traditional craftsmanship.

Focus on The User

In his early years, Ru Linbin worked in the rattan furniture OEM export factory, from an ordinary employee to the company’s CEO, and also witnessed the industry dilemma of thin profits and shoddy manufacturing. “We used to take the path of low wages, low costs, rough processing, and low profits, relying on ‘winning by quantity’.” During an inspection trip to Germany, Ru Linbin saw that many local companies were very small, but they had not fallen for a hundred years, relying on the perfection of their products, which deeply touched him. “When we started Comfortford, we were determined to change the way we grew and be a ‘small but good’ company,” he said. “Since its establishment, Comfort Garden Furniture Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the domestic market, and its products are mainly supplied to high-end customers such as high-end villas, star hotels, real estate companies, and design studios.