Outdoor garden furniture encyclopedia!

Outdoor garden furniture, as the name suggests, is outdoor furniture placed in outdoor gardens, courtyards, terraces and other outdoor leisure places. Outdoor garden furniture is Garden furniture in English, such as hakier garden furniture and so on. Outdoor garden furniture originated in European and American countries. At that time, as people’s pursuit of living standards became higher and higher, owners of garden villas or manors generally carefully arranged their own garden courtyards to increase the sense of outdoor space. Therefore, the outdoor garden furniture industry also gradually expanded.

The materials of outdoor garden furniture range from the initial stone and wood to today’s imitation rattan furniture, wrought iron furniture, aluminum alloy furniture, cast aluminum furniture, etc. At present, aluminum alloy frame supporting outdoor PE imitation rattan has become the most popular choice of outdoor garden furniture. Because of the characteristics of wrought iron furniture: the product is heavy, easy to rust; The characteristics of PE rubber vine are not afraid of wind, sun and rain, and the aluminum alloy tube with outdoor spraying powder is oxidation resistant and not easy to scratch.