Material Main material

The products are made of high-density alloy aluminum as the frame, spray treatment, no rust concerns, outdoor furniture is the best choice. Some products are also made of high-carbon steel pipes for special occasions or uses, which are later galvanized or sprayed.

The rattan is a flame-retardant imitation rattan made of PVC composite material, and the imitation rattan material has no problems of rot and moth, and is easy to clean, and can be rinsed with water and dried naturally. PVC rattan terms and colors vary with variety, and can accept private customization.

We do not use recycled sponges, our sponges are high-density sponges of the highest grade, and do not contain substances harmful to the human body such as barium sulfate.

The fabrics are made of polyester cloth and yarn-dyed fabric, water-repellent design, and other indicators are guaranteed by European standard 5.


In addition to the company’s product sales, we launch product customization services, full tracking, no matter from style, color, function, size, material, etc. to meet your needs.


Based on the characteristics of outdoor rattan furniture, all products we worldwide warranty 2 years, in any country outside China, such as quality problems, you can return and exchange free of charge as long as you find your seller, in the Chinese market, we increase to 3 years, and provide lifelong paid maintenance services.