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Two-year worldwide warranty

The fabrics are made of polyester and yarn-dyed,that is waterproof, stain repellent and weatherproof and with a 2 year warranty. It is incredibly easy to clean. Therefore you can be confident your furniture will look stylish season after season.
Regular cleaning using a soft brush or sponge with a neutral PH detergent is recommended. After cleaning, rinse abundantly with clear water before storage.

taxation planning

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exquisite handcraft

The wicker used is highly supple, tear resistant and UV resistant. Our polyethylene based extruded and through-dyed wicker is completely weatherproof as well as being color fast, extremely hard wearing and easy to clean.
The wicker is resistant to chlorine, salt water, tanning lotions and oils. Outdoor wicker is completely weather resistant and can be left outside and exposed to the elements all year round.

automatic production

Our self-owned modern production base integrates R&D, production, testing, warehousing and display.

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